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A Small Town with a Violent Past

   This Project

When I got asked to pick a topic for the Global Hackaton by Immersive Trails I started thinking about what would be interesting to explore for me. Which story did I want to tell?

I wanted to make this project personal in some sense but at the same time raise awareness about some social and historical dynamics in my own country.

This is why I chose to discuss my own city, Padova, in the 70s. Nobody taught me anything about that period, both my friends in Italy and the UK knew nothing about it. It was like a page hidden in the book of history. Then why not explore it? 

This is how this project started. I hope sincerely it could reveal some new and interesting information about the social dynamics going on in the 70s and the tension and violence that made Padova and Italy look like completely different places.

This blog is meant to explain some main events that occurred in Padova and their social context by showing specific places and roads around the city to allow the reader to imagine themselves in that spot, in those days, in those years.




Student at University of Exeter

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